Chicago Block Party

There's nothing like a Chicago block party.  The street is shut down for a mini private festival where everyone comes together to share their talents, recipes, and laughter.  It is mostly about the kids, but don't kid yourselves it's for the adults too! 


Easter Magic

A few of my favorite images from Easter this year.  Decided to take on a documentary approach, observe and embrace the joy and cuteness of the magic of Easter.

Park Fun

Girls just want to have fun and so does dad!  Yes location is important for a session, but parks and open fields can prove to be just as good if you look for opportunities.   We agreed on a park near by and as long as there was joy and fun, the end result was beautiful.


Cool Senior Photos on a Hot Summer Day

Working with seniors is always so fun.  I never really know what they are thinking as they put their trust in my directions and ideas.  They are the ones who know what is trending and what is "cool", if that is a word used anymore in today's ever fast changing social scene.  But, I still trust my instincts as to what I think will look different and flattering and this session proves just that as this senior was more than amazing in posing and working with me on a hot summer day.

Family Poses

Here is a sampling of family poses and outfits for holiday cards.  There is no right answer what colors are best, but from a photographer's point of view, all white and all black can be difficult to photograph and edit.  Whites pick up colors near you, like the greens in the forest, and black can show every fuzz and dust particle.  If you are set on black, wear the blackest of blacks and make sure your clothing is not faded.  Also, bring a lint brush as this always saves us time in post processing. Colors are a dream for photographers because as you can see they make the photos pop and bring life to the pictures.  Colors in your setting also will complement the photo and wearing light or neutral outfits will balance the photo.  Have fun shooting and remember there is no right pose and what looks best is what feels the most comfortable and fun for your family!

California Dreaming

Whenever we visit California, it makes me think of how different life could be for the boys whose play would be the outdoors.  They could have spent hours running on the beach and throwing rocks.  No winter coats, just sunscreen, and light clothing.  Until the next visit, I'll be dreamin'.