Mommy & Me Mini Sessions

For the past several months, I have received a piece of paper every day with scribble scrabble lines in bright marker colors.  Just a few weeks ago, the scrabble has taken shape, and the stack on my desk is growing with images of the most adorable monster pictures.  Hugo has progressed in his skill and I need to scale back my excitement as we might have a professional artist in the house.  Luca has also improved and his character could be the next Demogorgon from Stranger Things.

Yet, I feel just a little guilty when I recycle their countless drawings (I do keep many I promise!) and even some school projects.  So I've began to photograph these art masterpieces and keep the photos on my computer, in hopes of one late night creating their own art book portfolios.  As I click around my files, I come across photos of us and I begin to feel sentimental,  wishing I had more pictures.

So, here I am wanting the same for you, because you as a mom deserve it.  You deserve to have these memories to reflect upon and to cherish.  One day you will be teary eyed looking at them on your phone or on a visual projection appearing anywhere in your home from a new hologram technology you had just downloaded to a chip the size of a cheerio.  You will be thankful for making time to be included in those photos, regardless of how you felt you looked at that time.

If you agree, please take advantage of these special Mommy & Me Mini Sessions.  This is the first time I am offering sessions and will only offer them in May on the weekends. See all the details below and you can always e-mail me through my contact form with any questions.

MAY 2018

Moms | Grandmothers | Children
Limited Sessions Available
Chicago Location TBD
Receive 6 digital images
Payment due in full one week prior to session