Clean Park

We gathered big and small to clean up our school park and field this past Sunday morning.   I am always wondering what goes through someone's mind when they throw garbage on the ground?  Is it laziness, rebellion, ignorance?  By now, shouldn't the message of "do not litter" be engraved in our minds as an voluntary habit we have evolved into our culture?  Sadly, no, and what is more upsetting is that the grass, school garden, and playground at the school, are not treated as sacred ground. 

The best way to cement the message of keeping our parks and planet free of debris is to start educating our small subjects early.  We focus on the "please" and "thank yous" so much that our kids repeat these phrases to every request and question without a second thought.  They do this, because we started early, and they understand these words are said to express gratitude.  

This Sunday, our lesson was to clean up the planet by working as a team.  These amazing little helpers shouted out items they found such as candy wrappers, old pencils, glass (lots of glass), plastic bags, and even a fork (see the fork discovery photo below). 

We will do this again, and unfortunately probably again and again, but, we do it in hopes of one day of looking down to see only leaves, pebbles, rocks, and the occasional large worm.